DELFI Foto Terms of Use

These rules regulate relationship between DELFI and natural person (USER), where DELFI provides and USER makes use of pictures and other services of stowing pictures and/or viewing them (DELFI Foto) at the site
No legal person can use DELFI Foto services, unless DELFI and a particular legal person have different agreement.


DELFI Foto – DELFI service, which allows users to:
1) stow pictures and other visual or graphical images that belong to User (Content) in DELFI Foto site;
2) expose Content in DELFI Foto site;
3) view Content from other Users that is stowed in DELFI Foto site;
4) use Content in other non-commercial sites, according to the regulations and conditions of these Rules.

Standard functions of DELFI Foto – all Users, a certain group of Users or a particular User is given tools, which enable Users to use Content legally.


DELFI does not edit Content that Users post, but can recode it or change the format of it, to make it suitable for use in DELFI Foto service.
DELFI does not bear responsibility for Content, comments and texts posted by any User of DELFI Foto site.
Illegal, unethical, poor quality Content and comments are forbidden in DELFI Foto site. This includes:
- Content, which does not belong to User and/or Contents for which User has no copyright and license to publish;
- Content of poor technical quality;
- Content or comments not related to topic;
- Advertisements of any form in Content or comments;
- Content or comments that are obscene, violent, destructive, promoting hatred or any other kind of Content and comments that are forbidden by laws of Republic of Lithuania.
DELFI reserves the right to control and delete inappropriate Content or comments and terminate the service without notice.
User has the right to delete comments to their Content.
User has obligation not to send information to other users that can be classified as “spam”.

User has obligation not to use Content for any purpose and in any ways, except personal non-commercial use, with the help of DELFI Foto standard functions.

Any User has the right to hotlink their Content in other non-commercial internet sites (personal websites, forums, blogs, social networks, etc.) with the help of standard functions of DELFI Foto. In such cases, Content cannot be saved in other sites. It can only be hotlinked from DELFI Foto site.

No user, except the owner of Content, can save, copy, or distribute Content in computer, internet site, server, memory device, etc. It is forbidden to use Content in places and ways other than described in these Rules.


To put content to DELFI Foto website the User must have the copyright of that information or have the copyright permit.

DELFI does not require you to transfer any rights of your contents – you will retain all the copyright. But while placing contents in DELFI Foto service you:

- provide DELFI with free permit (when providing DELFI Foto service) to use, process, copy, reproduce, distribute, publicly announce and publicly demonstrate the Content in the website, in this and other internet sites and in another media;
- provide each User with free permit to review your public Content at DELFI Foto internet site, also to reproduce, publicly announce and publicly show the Content for personal non-commercial usage, as much as it is allowed by the functions of DELFI Foto service and by these conditions;
- provide DELFI Foto personnel, contractors and service providers with permit to review your Content and to perform other necessary actions for the purpose of service provision or filtration of the Content, violating the Rules.

Provision of these rights is terminated when you remove your Content from DELFI Foto.

When writing comments in DELFI Foto internet site, You provide DELFI with free, not terminated and irrevocable permit to reproduce, distribute, publicly announce (including publications) your comments, indicating the name of the author, as it is given.

All DELFI Foto information, except the User's Content, including texts, software, graphic pictures, pictures and interactive functions are the property of DELFI or it is provided to DELFI company according to the licence and copyright subject protection is valid for it. Any use of this information by the third parties without written consent of DELFI is forbidden.

We request the authors of the Content and other copyright subjects to inform us about potential violation of their rights, providing the following information:
- the exact content, which violates your copyrights and its internet site address (URL);
- which country is your copyright valid in;
- in which way your copyright is violated;
- indicate data of the creation, protected under copyright (author, publisher, date, etc.);
- indicate contacts which we could use to reach you (email address);
- indicate contacts which we could forward to the user, who put in the Content, so that he could directly solve the problem (email address);

Please make sure that Content really violates your copyrights. Unreasonable accusation can cause negative legal consequences.

Copyright violating material is removed, the violators temporarily or for unlimited period lose a right to use DELFI Foto services.
Price for the services

The main content placement services are free of charge. The User can be offered additional services, provided by DELFI Photo or by the third parties. The User will be informed about the prices of these services.

Enactment and amendment of the rules

Usage of DELFI Photo service is considered to be the acceptance of these rules from the beginning of the service usage or right after the registration at DELFI Photo Internet site. It is valid for non-terminated period until cancellation of the service or User's account.

DELFI reserves the right to change functions, structure, restrictions and procedures of the service as well as related documentation without prior notice. The User can find information about the changes at DELFI Photo Internet site.

DELFI Photo rules, given in other than Lithuanian language, are for the convenience of the User. Accepting these rules, User confirms that he/she is familiar with the conditions provided in the variant in Lithuanian language.

DELFI reserves the right to change the rules. Amendments come into force when they are announced at the DEFI Photo Usage conditions Internet site or after the users are informed by email notice. If User disagrees with new conditions, he/she must decline DELFI Photo service.


Regarding all the questions of DELFI Photo service maintenance, please apply to